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More fun and better health for people managing diabetes


We help people managing diabetes by making CGM user education accessible and fun with tailored, socially connected, beautiful mobile learning so they can successfully scale the CGM learning curve

Why SmartStart CGM?

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CGM use isn’t easy

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CGM user frustration 🡪 less effective use

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Training is impossible to scale

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Tailored, engaging, relevant, trustworthy, fun and beautiful CGM user education

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Easy-to-use mobile-first learning 🡪 improved user satisfaction and outcomes

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Scalable, cost-effective, and time-efficient

How does it work?

Based on a validated CGM training programme
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9-question quiz to configure modular content

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Customised content with engaging multimedia

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Further modules up to the Summit

CGM users say:

Meet the team

Melissa Holloway

Will Hargreaves
Business development

Kamil Armacki


Dr Sufyan Hussain
Fredrik Debong
Kyle Jacques Rose
Stephen Bourke

Support from innovators of SPECTRUM

Dr Guido Freckmann
Prof Dr Lutz Heinemann
Prof Dr Karin Lange

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