John Moss
Candidate for London Rep

I have almost 40 year’s experience in property and in politics.

I’m John Moss. 

I was born and raised in Yorkshire before moving to London to take my degree.

I’m a Chartered Surveyor and worked across the public and private sector as well as setting up my own business and then working as a self-employed consultant.

I am most proud of having set up a business with colleagues and gone on to build some award winning projects which helped regenerate some of the most deprived parts of towns and cities across England. You can see some examples here (due credit to my erstwhile colleagues who may have done a bit more since I left!) 

I love politics and when I was offered a job in the campaigning industry, I didn’t hesitate. 

I know help people who want to become MPs, Councillors or get elected to other positions. I run single-issue campaigns and work with charities and others seeking to do good in the world.