John Moss Candidate for London Representative

I’m John Moss. 

One of the things I do at work is help councillors get elected.

This starts with a thorough analysis of the election results and a breakdown of the seats that they should win, need to defend, should win and might win. 

We don’t just look at vote shares and swings needed. we dive deeper and analyse turnout and demographics as well. We aim to develop a strategy to hep our clients win the seats they need to in order to take or retain control of their Councils. 

My experience as a councillor fighting tough elections, for council and for the parliamentary seat of Chingford & Woodford Green, helps enormously. Having been IDS’s Chairman and Deputy Chairman Political through three elections, and taking my own Councillors through rounds of London Elections has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience about what works, what might work – and what doesn’t work!

I want to bring this experience to the Board. I have no ambition myself beyond being a good Councillor and helping the Conservative party elect many more of them!