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Since 2020 the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is UK Government Department with responsibility for promoting development and the reduction of poverty. Dominic Raab MP is the Secretary of State for the Department.

Conservative Party Manifesto
The Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto pledged to honour our commitment to 0.7% of GNI on development, tackle the root causes of poverty and fight climate change (see pages 53 – 55).

Working in International Development
The UK Government provides advice on working for international organisations such as the World Bank, UN and the WTO.

The UK Government provides information on volunteering placements including – where to look for opportunities. You’ll also find useful information on your rights and expenses as a volunteer.

Volunteer ICS
International Citizen Service (ICS) is a volunteering opportunity backed by the UK government which is open to all 18-25 year olds. You can find more information about the development programme and how to apply here.

Project Umubano
Since 2007, a large number of Conservative volunteers have traveled out to Rwanda and Sierra Leone each July to join Project Umubano. This year, volunteers will head to Tanzania on Project Urafiki. MPs, Ministers, lawyers, nurses, business people, teachers and students have funded their own visit to help build a lasting legacy in Africa.

Project Maja
Project Maja was set up by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi in Bosnia in 2009. The project has now been extended to Bangladesh, working in the capital Dhaka, and the north-eastern city of Sylhet.

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