NHS & Charing Cross Hospital

Xingang met with the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and our old friend and neighbour, to explain the refurbishment plan of Charing Cross Hospital.

The Secret Speech

Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, delivered a dramatic speech at a closed meeting of the Twentieth Party Congress on 25th February 1956. The speech was a stunning break with Stalin and his rule.

Ten films and TV series about communism

There is no substitute for the testimony of actual victims of communist terror. However the following films can help to bring to life aspects of Communism and its history. Please be aware that most of these films are based on facts and things that happened but they are fictionalised and not factual accounts.

Enjoy holiday camps… Soviet-style

“Enjoy holiday camps… Soviet-style”. French propaganda poster produced by Paix et Liberté (Peace and Liberty), a French anti-communist organisation headed by Jean-Paul David of the Radical Socialist Party to counter Communist Party propaganda. It was active in the early 1950s.